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Not the group tour type? Neither am I.
I created MY MEXICO TOURS for independent travelers who like to see the major sites but like to get off the beaten track too. And small groups, never more than 12 people, allow us flexibility and provide you with personalized service from our guides, local experts, and me.


MY MEXICO TOURS brings to life my passions people, food, music, art, and travel within the context of my deep love for Mexico and her people, opening the door to a Mexico most tourists don't see, my Mexico.


During my 30 years of living, working, and traveling throughout Mexico, I’ve met exceptional artists and cooks, discovered stunning architectural and natural wonders, tasted complex and sophisticated flavors, danced and photographed my way through colorful and exotic celebrations, and encountered openhearted and gracious people everywhere I went. MY MEXICO TOURS allows me share all that with you. Not all of Mexico, but my Mexico.


On a tour with me, your days will be full-to-overflowing with exciting places to go, people to meet, and meals to share, but I always leave time for the surprise encounters that will come our way.

What my itineraries don't - and can't - show you are these unexpected magic moments. The unscheduled festival, the spontaneous invitation, the stranger who becomes our new best friend are all part of the experience of traveling with MY MEXICO TOURS.

While I firmly believe that traveling should not feel like being at home, my aging back needs a good bed and a hot shower, so the hotels I choose provide a pleasant balance of creature comforts and authenticity. Likewise, the meals you'll enjoy while on tour will run the gamut from tacos at the spotless corner taqueria to five-star repasts in elegant locations.

MY MEXICO TOURS prices are all-inclusive. Lodging, two abundant meals each day, comfortable and safe ground transportation, class and entry fees, bilingual guides, and local experts are all included.

When you travel with MY MEXICO TOURS the hands-on care begins before you leave home. I’ll help you find the best flight, send you interesting background information on the area and events we’ll be seeing, and a few weeks before the tour you’ll receive a detailed information booklet with your daily itinerary, travel notes, packing list, suggested reading, and more.

If this sounds like your style of travel, please join me and make my Mexico your Mexico.


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