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About MMT

MY MEXICO TOURS brings to life my passions people, food, and travel within the context of my deep love for Mexico and her people, opening the door to a Mexico most tourists don't see, my Mexico. During my years of living, working, and traveling throughout Mexico, Iíve met exceptional artists and cooks, discovered stunning architectural and natural wonders, tasted complex and sophisticated flavors, danced and photographed my way through colorful and exotic celebrations, and encountered openhearted and gracious people everywhere I went. MY MEXICO TOURS allows me share all that with you. Not all of Mexico, but my Mexico.


Why My Mexico Tours?

Because you're a person looking for small, quirky, un-tours to Mexico with interesting fellow travelers.
Because while Mexico is just on the other side of that dotted line on the map, it offers untold exotic adventures, otherwordly natural wonders, a rich cultural history, archeological sites to take your breath away, colors, scents, flavors, and sounds beyond belief, and the nicest darned people I've ever met.
Because my friends across the country will open their doors for you, allowing you access to the heart, soul, kitchens, and people of Mexico.

Because my passion for Mexico and Mexicans is contagious and you want this bug.

Because meeting new people and finding common ground provides insight, breeds compassion, and might even bring about world peace, who knows.
Because a trip with MY MEXICO TOURS in an adventure and a vacation.

Not the group tour type? Neither am I.
So I created MY MEXICO TOURS for independent travelers who like to see the major sites but like to get off the beaten track too. And small groups, usually 8-10 people, allow us flexibility and provide you with personalized service from our guides, local experts, and me.

Like some spontaneity and down time when you travel? Me too.
So my well-planned itineraries optimize your time, so youíll fit more into every worry free day and still have time to set out on your own or simply relax.

Have your own group in mind? Like the trip but the dates don't work?
No worries. Invite your own friends, choose your own dates, and I'll put together a custom tour just for you.

What are you waiting for? Let's go make my Mexico your Mexico.